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Buying a Used Machine

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Buying a Used Machine

Largest Number of Our Stocked Items
in Chubu District

Usually, the number of our Stock Machines is more than 1000 items.
After due Consideration of Our Customer's concern a bout High-Price Expense with Pictures only,
our stocked machines are displayed for our Customer's actual machine.

One of the most famous dealers of used construction machines among the best in the nation!
  • Payment
    Cash ・ Payment by Installments ・ Lease Sale Available

    Other than Cash Settlement, Payment by Installments and Lease Sale are available.
    Although "Cash on Delivery" have been the primary payment method in used machinery business
    traditionally, Installment Payment and Lease Sale are also available here according to your budget.
    We are ready to support with our suggestions as professional about payment to make you satisfied.

  • We do Maintenance
    We Do Maintenance after the machine arrives

    Every piece of machine purchased is thoroughly inspected by our experts after it arrives to our yard, and normally we clean, recondition and repaint machine on site especially for the Japanese customers.
    After the normal maintenance, the machine will be ready to use upon its delivery.
    Customized maintenance recondition are also available.
    For the overseas customers, the machine with as-is condition may be offered if requested.

  • Proposals for your Cost Saving
    Proposals for your Cost Savings

    We will propose the most suitable machine from among brand-new, unused and used machine to you
    with an eye to several years ahead, and it may lead to your cost savings in the long run.

Easy Steps to Buying a Used Machine

  1. 1Contact us
  2. 2Providing machine information
  3. 3Machine check and Trial operation by customers
  4. 4Quotation
  5. 5Sales Agreement
  6. 6Payment & Machine Transfer
  1. 1Contact us

    * "Inquiry Form"
    at: URL http://www.tokuworld.co.jp
    Tell Us Which Machine You Are Looking For.
    Please fill out the "Inquiry Form" * For your request for "Looking-for-Machine-s”,
    please describe as much information (including preferred options) as possible,
    such as make, model, capacity, year range, quality level, expected price,
    destination port or country, etc.



  2. 2Providing machine information

    We’ll propose customers the preferred machine information as well as the price.
    We also recommend the suitable machine for customers according to their requirement.

    Mail Photo.Spec,etc Registration/Documents Price
  3. 3Machine check and Trial operation by customers

    Machine check and Actual Trial Operation
    by customers at our location are highly recommended.
    Prior appointment is needed so that our sales representative can guide.

  4. 4Quotation

    We’ll provide customer with a quotation upon request.

    Price Quotation to Mail Tel Fax
  5. 5Sales Agreement

    We’ll issue a Purchase Order Form on your behalf.
    You are kindly requested to stamp and return it to us. We will send you an Invoice at the same time.
    The originals are to be mailed to you.

    Purchase Order Invoice to Mail Fax Original Documents are to be mailed
  6. 6Payment & Machine Transfer

    Machine can be transferable after the payment is confirmed.
    You can pick up the machine at our yard
    or we can take care of the transportation to almost anywhere in the country.

    Payment and Machine Transfer

Privacy Policy

We will take All Possible Measures to ensure the Management of Personal Information.
Personal Customer Information/ DATA will only used for carefully Controlled negotiation purpose.