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Providing the highest level of
Customer satisfaction through
Buying and Selling.

Naming of "Toku World" comes from our wish to provide benefit to our world-wide customers.
More than ever before, we will continue our best efforts for "you ".
We deal more than 1,000 machines annually (sell/buy).
We are the trustful expert dealer for used construction machines.
We have a large inventory of heavy equipment at all times, usually more than 1000.
Not only so-called "popular" machines but also "rare" machines are our lineups.
Not found in our stock list what you want ? Do not worry ! We can gather abundant information from the whole country. We will search what you want for you.
Ask us about our shipping! We are experienced exporters and are able to ship to almost any port you choose. Leave it all to us, including container vanning work and complicated documentations!
Please contact us for any questions / requests / concerns about used machinery. We are confident that we will be able to offer "beneficial" information.

7 point we proud of

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    No. 1 Dealer in stock quantity in Chubu Region (More than 1000 units at all times)

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    High Quality Maintenance equivalent to Passenger Car Level

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    Washing/Painting/Maintenance on site by our experts

  • 4

    Keeping prices low by Effective Management Control

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    Export Worldwide - It's our Specialty

  • 6

    Speedy buying and Safe customer support

  • 7

    Installment and Lease sale available

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Corporate Intelligence

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Maintenance Factory

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